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How long does shipping take?

Our standard delivery time (from the time you place your order to the time you receive it) is three (3) weeks.  This is because all our materials are thoughtfully selected and sourced, carefully hand crafted into that unique, precious piece(s) that is worthy of your regal stature.  

What are my options if I want to receive my order in less than a week?

For instances when you need that perfect present for the Queen in your life, and her birthday or your anniversary is this Friday...or when you, the Queen want to wear it somewhere this week, or you simply can’t wait three weeks…

  1. Add a note in your order, specify the date you want it with you
  2. We will contact you directly to talk about our delivery options and schedule

For these special deliveries, we’ll use the fastest raven to fly from our kingdom to yours, of course we’ll have to feed it extra so it can deliver your precious piece(s) of choice just in time.

To what countries can we ship to?

As of our latest update, the following are the countries we can ship to:

Albania Denmark Libya USA

Algeria Egypt Luxembourg Vatican City

Austria Ethiopia Mali Zimbabwe

Burkina Faso Gabon Poland

Cameroon Ghana Spain

Canada Greece Togo

Cape Verde Ireland Tunisia

Chad Italy Turkey

Cote d'Ivoire Jordan Uganda

Czech Republic Kenya United Kingdom


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Because we would like to serve as many queens as possible, we have set up a variety of payment options.  In case you don’t find one that is best for you, please send us a message through our Contact tab and let us know what form of payment you prefer to use.  We’ll check how we can make it work then get back to you at the soonest time possible. 


Returns & Refunds

Please take note that all our pieces are handmade and therefore no two pieces can be exactly alike.  What you receive may slightly look different from the online display.  Rest assured that your precious piece(s) will be carefully packed with protective packaging to withstand handling and delivery from our kingdom to yours.  Should you, upon receipt of your piece(s), be unsatisfied, for any reason, kindly return it to us and we shall happily replace it.  For these instances, one of our support specialists will give you a call and discuss with you how we can best send to you your ordered item(s).