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Power Dress to Impress


In today’s competitive business environment, power dressing is not an option anymore. It is a necessity. If you’re talking to someone important, you need to impress that person. One of the best ways to do that is by showing up looking that you mean business.

Power dressing is all about projecting an image that’s appealing and commanding. You should look confident but not conceited. You should strike the balance between being attractive and authentic. The overall impression you want to convey is that you are a credible professional with just the right amount of charm.

To help you power dress, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Invest on staples. This includes a crisp suit, trousers, coat, and long sleeves. Choose neutral colors that can easily be mixed and matched. You can go for black trousers and suit, white long sleeves, and gray pants. If you want an alternate mix, go for beige and camel. These are chic colors so you will never go wrong with that for your long coat and pants. You don’t have to buy a lot. You just need to invest on the pieces that you will most likely wear repeatedly.


  1. Dress your age. Don’t try to look young if you’re not young. Your potential client or business partner can easily sense from a mile away if you’re trying hard to be someone you’re not. Power dressing is all about confidence, if you’re trying something difficult to pull off—such as pretending to be younger—then it can affect the way you carry yourself. Look at Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. They dress appropriately for their age and pull it off beautifully.


  1. Color is good. Power dressing isn’t boring dressing. You can add pops of color to your ensemble! Pastel colored tops will go well with your staple black or gray trousers. Matching printed long coat and pants like Victoria Beckham is another great look. You can also go for colorful dresses toned down by your beige suit or coat. Don’t shy away from different hues. The key to adding color is by making sure that it’s not overwhelming your entire look.


  1. Go for day-to-night looks. If you’re the type of professional with dinner engagements most of the time, then you need to start dressing up day-to-night looks. These are outfits that look good during daytime meetings and still look fabulous during dinner events. Your perfectly tailored suits and trousers can easily go from day to night if you add a colorful scarf and some jewelry. Take out your heels, ditch the flats, and you’re all set for a night cap! It’s all in the details.


  1. Dress according to the occasion. Sometimes you don’t need to look as sharp especially if you’re going to say, an outreach event that involves a lot of leg work. You might be wondering how can you power dress in jeans? Well, start off by picking a pair of jeans that fits you well. Wear neutral colored shirts and a chic jacket or cardigan to match your outfit. The important thing is you don’t overdress when the occasion requires a toned down look and vice versa.

More and more women are getting into key positions in the corporate world. Even if you’re not at the top of the corporate ladder just yet that doesn’t mean you can’t power dress. The way you carry yourself commands the kind of attention and respect you will get. If you dress lousy, people might think you’re disinterested with your job. But if you dress to impress they’ll know you mean business.