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How To Create Your Personal Style


We all know that fashion trends come and go. If you try to keep up with all of them, you will end up with so many clothes you won’t be using in a matter of months! One way you can work around this is by developing your own style. Style is all about expressing your individuality and it’s not limited to shifting seasons.

The great thing about creating your personal style is that you have the biggest advantage because you know your body best. You know what you’re most comfortable with and what fits you to a tee. Most of all, you know which clothes you’re most and least confident to wear.

Let’s start creating your own unique style, shall we?

  1. Profile yourself. What is your daily activity like? Do you spend most of your days at work in the office or in the field? Not only that, what’s the weather like in your country? If you have more summer days like in the tropics then you have to factor that in. You also need to consider your age and interests. Yes, you have to style yourself according to your season of life, too! Why do you think Jackie O is considered a fashion icon? It’s because she never tried to look younger or older than she really was. She picked her clothes that is suitable to her age and lifestyle.
  1. Pinterest some inspiration. Before you start shopping start looking for some inspiration first. Who are your style icons? List them down and pin to your board their best looks. You can also search the clothes you want to wear like off-shoulder tops, camel pants, and more. Pinterest will give you a lot of ideas on how to mix and match that particular kind of clothing. You can also search for Instagram hashtags for more fashion ideas!
  1. Purge your closet. Get rid of the clothes you’re not wearing anymore. Follow the six-month rule. If you haven’t worn something for six months, you will most likely not wear it anymore. Unless of course, we’re talking about your long gowns or formal dresses. Those deserve longer shelf life. Give away the ones that don’t fit you anymore. Keep the classic pieces like your plain white tops and that little black dress. For the rest, just remember out with old and in with the new.
  1. Pick clothes that match your profile. Now you’re ready to go shopping! Look at your Pinterest board and review the looks you like and the exact pieces that you need to buy. Make sure that you purchase the ones that you can mix and match so that you can use them longer. Get the right size. Comfort gives confidence so don’t even try to fit yourself into something smaller than your real size.
  1. Pair your wardrobe with accessories. Accessories are perfect statement pieces. An antique necklace can make your plain top instantly look elegant. Plus, changing accessories is another way of modifying your looks. You may wear the same summer dress but with a different accessory it can look entirely new! You can spruce up your look with exotic bangles, bold necklaces, and textured dangling earrings.

Having your own personal style allows you to express yourself through clothing. It makes you free from trends, allowing fashion to conform to your body and lifestyle instead of being limited by it. Be a sartorialist and don’t be afraid to explore! Wear your personality literally on your sleeve.