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5 Ways to Add Bold Prints to Your Wardrobe




Wearing bold prints can be pretty intimidating if you’re not used to it. After all, the safest clothes to wear are plain colored ones, right? They’re simple and chic. But prints can be classy, too, when worn properly!

Prints add character to your wardrobe. They are attractive and fun to wear. Don’t shy away from pops of color and quirky graphics. They add life to your typical plain ensemble. Plus, they make heads turn! Here are five ways you can wear bold prints with confidence.

  1. Pair prints with plains. The easiest way for prints to stand out is to pair them with plain colored pieces. A bold graphic top will go well with plain trousers and vice versa. Keep in mind that prints are made to be noticed and they will definitely grab people’s attention when you match them with plain pieces! A printed skirt always looks good with a plain blouse, right? Just ask Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, and Taylor Swift.


  1. Pair prints with hues from your piece. Have a look at your printed clothing. What are the different shades you see? Pick one and find a piece to match it with! If your African print top has yellow, orange, red, and black hues, you can choose yellow and pair it with a subdued yellow culottes. If the dominant color is orange, you can find a cantaloupe skirt to match it. Get some inspiration from Blake Lively. That girl knows her prints.


  1. Pair prints with neutral colors. Nothing spells chic than neutral tones. A long printed coat will look stylish with a cream-colored summer dress. Beige pants look fabulous with printed tops. And those animal prints? They always look good with black! Keep staple white pieces in your wardrobe. Why? Because they look classy with prints. Emma Watson has perfected the art of matching print with neutrals.


  1. Pair prints with minimal jewelry. When wearing prints, the last thing you’d want to do is to look overwhelming. Your printed clothing is already your main piece and accessory at the same time! So go minimalist in your earrings and bracelets. Same goes with your shoes and bags. Go for plain and single-colored ones to complement your look. Reese Witherspoon complements her printed ensemble with minimal accessories.


  1. Pair prints with prints. This may sound scary for you but a lot of people wear prints on prints. Some ways you can do this is by treating stripes as a plain color to contrast with a printed piece. You can also go for the same print but in contrasting colors like Rhianna or just choose different prints in the same color hues like Scarlett Johansson. You can also try breaking the patterns with solid-colored belts, too!


The most important thing you need to remember about prints is this—it needs to be worn with confidence. Strut your way with your head high. Wearing print pieces is all about embracing the complete look and enjoying its vibrant colors. Prints are fashion-forward and striking. They give a unique charm to your look and an extra bounce in your step!